Google changes their search results depending on users location. That is why when you make search for a restaurant you will see restaurants near you not in another city.

Why do you need to check your business from different locations?

  1. This is the best way to discover your local competitors. Checking search results from different locations around you will help you make a clear picture about your online performance.
  2. Discover your search appearance for users from another city or country. Hotel owners in particular may find it very helpful to increase tourists flow from certain locations.
  3. You can better understand your business authority rate in Google. Surely, if you perform search next to your door you will be on top of search results. But if you see your business disappear from top 10 just few hundred meters away that means your authority rate is really low and you better start working on it.

What tool to use to fake your location for Google?

There are two main options. One is free and another is paid.

GS Location Changer is a free Chrome extension which will help you to change your location with very high precision.

Local Falcon is a paid online service which will help you to make better analysis of your local search appearance.