Google Ads shows many hints to improve Ads performance. Nevertheless there is one basic rule which advertisers usually don’t follow. The advertised page and your website should contain a sufficient amount of keywords and keyphrases you use in Google Ads.

Here are some guidelines to follow in order to avoid this mistake.

  1. If you use one word as a keyword, make sure that you has this word not only on the page you advertise but on other pages of your website as well. You can simply make a search through your website to check how often this keyword appears. If it appears more than 10-20 times across the website then you are well set. It is even better if the keyword appears in pages/posts/products titles.
  2. If you use a keyphrase, make sure that you have the exact keyphrase on your page and in several other pages of your website. Besides that you better follow the keyphrase order on your website especially if you used phrase match in your Google Ads.
  3. The exact match keyword or keyphrase requires even more strict comply with the rule. It means that texts on your website should contain the exact keyword/keyphrase.

There is another part of this rule. If you limit your Google Ads to certain location then the page you advertise as well as your website should contain a clear message about the location you chose.