Social networks want you to publish new posts regulartly. This is easy to do if you are an online media, blogger or someone whose business is to create content. But what if you are an owner of a small hotel or restaurant? Your business may have nothing new for weeks or months.

This problem comes from a misleading perception of social networks. Many business page owners consider their social networks only as another channel to transmit the updates they publish on their website. Quite reasonably they don’t want “to spam” their subscribers with anything but the important information about their business.

But the truth is that users don’t expect to receive useful information only when they enter their social networks. They want to be entertained.

Another thing to mention is that users don’t mind to find something interesting or useful on your page that only relates to your business but not covering its activities.


Here is what can be a source for your new posts content:

1. Local news and events

If you are the owner of a local business then you can share some news and events info which are important for your community.

For example, one of my customers had a small hotel in a village in the mountains. Few customers asked them about the date of the Christmas market opening event. They created an event page on Facebook with detailed info. Within a week this event page brought them as many followers as they received during the year. 


2. Q&As

Customers ask questions daily. Some questions are repetitive, some are unique and interesting. Post those questions with answers on your social pages right away.

Q&As posts oftenly provoque follow ups in the comment section which will help to rank your post higher.


3. Reviews 

There is no shame in sharing customers’ reviews on your social pages. Follow those reviews with your own comments or/and link to the product if the product is mentioned in the review.


4. Useful/entertaining content that relates to your business

Copying someone else’s content on your website is not a good idea while sharing this content on your social pages is absolutely ok. 


5. Online collaboration

Your social accounts are a good place to start online collaboration with your neighbours or related online businesses. Exchanging posts about business updates will help to increase the audience of bouth.