Whenever you report Google to delete a wrong review or a bad photo of your business it will not be processed by human. Once you click on flag icon to report, Google will not take manual actions with human involved. Your report will be a sign for Google Delete Algorithm to reconsider the content and then delete it.

The issue is that Google Delete Algorithm is pretty bad and in most of the cases it will not delete even obviously wrong photo.

On the other hand you cannot request manual actions before AI check it. So chatting with Google My Business support is useless before you report with “flag” icon.

Chatting with Google Support is useless as well since they will only run AI one more time and then record the issue that AI is wrong. After that they will tell you that they will escalate the issue. Calling to GMB support is a useless time spending as well.

The best way to deal is to report the issue with “flag” icon and contact the support by email with all necessary information. Be prepared to give them the link of a bad photo from Google Maps interface or the name of the author and the text of the wrong review.

Another thing to remember. Google may fail to delete what you requested. That means you may not see wrong photos on GMB Dashboard but you will still have them visible for the users. So check both. The situation can be vice versa but this is ok.

Have a look to the recent email from GMB support.

Alex, you mentioned that from your GMB dashboard you are able to see one wrong photo in the listing form customers section but you are not able to see this photo on your Google My Business listing for ‘XXXXXX XXXXXX’.

I would like to inform you that when a photo is removed from a listing either manually through the specialists team or automatically through Google’s algorithm, sometimes the photo remains connected to the dashboard however be assured that it will not be displayed on your business listing.

The photo is visible on the contributors page as the removal of photos from listings only disconnects the appearance of the photo on the listings but it will be visible on the contributors page.

Let me know if you have any questions.