Many restaurants have started the delivery but very few of them modified their menu to fit the new reality.

1. Delivery-friendly dishes.

Delivery is spoiling any perfect dish which has to be instantly served. Pasta turns into a tasteless brick, a beef steak turns into a piece of rubber, salads are steamed by hot dishes in the bag.

The only way to keep high standards of customers experiences is to test the whole menu on delivery and modify it. 

2. Pricing

Another menu item to reconsider is the pricing. Restaurant location, atmosphere, service and many other things cannot contribute to the price level anymore.

The drinks part may be the first thing to start with.

3. Kids menu

The dine-in audience is different from the delivery audience especialy when it comes to profitability. 

COVID time shows the high growth rate of delivery orders made by families. 

Kids menu can outstand your restaurant from many others and increase the average order amount.