Surprisingly, big companies started their business transformation much faster than small and medium businesses. Some of their responses to COVID new reality can be applied successfully in smaller teams. 

Most of them started with a clear message to their customers that they keep working the same way as before.

Here is what they did to spread this message:

1. Corporate T-shirts for video calls. Some companies distributed branded T-shirts among their employees to kill three birds with one stone. Firstly, their customers and partners get a feeling that the company still works as one team. Secondly, their employees don’t need to think what to wear for the conference call. Thirdly, the management can be more or less sure that there will be no pаjamas on a call.

2. Corporate backgrounds for video calls. Xoom, Microsoft Team, Skype and other video call services allow to use a picture as a virtual background. For that reason companies created the background image and sent it to their employees. That easy solution makes everyone feel comfortable and promote the idea of well set-up team work.

3. Branded frames for profile pictures. The easiest way to deliver the message that company works and works the usual way is to ask employees to put their profile pics in corporate frame. Besides the logo the frame usually contains a hashtag that delivers a message of working from home.