Google Business in Search results

1. Google My Business can bring you more new customers than your website.

For example, you have a restaurant and I have my new office not far from it.

Once I decide to have a lunch not far from my new office I explore Google Maps to find the proper place around me. I will not look through Google search results thus I will not check your website even. So I will choose your restaurant if I find the information about your restaurant on Google Maps more relevant to me than the info about your competitors. The information about your restaurant on Google Maps can be only managed through Google My Business.

I will do the same when I need to find pharmacy, hotel close to my business partner office when I go for business trip and etc.

2. Proper Google My Business page can help your website to rank better in search.

Let’s say I don’t care if you business is close to me or not. Google My Business still helps.

Google always considered seriously localisation of the search results but in August 2018 it made a huge step forward with a major search algorithm update. You can read more about that here.

What does it mean?

You may have a website that is not well optimized and promoted but you will have it associated with a Google My Business account. That means google search results will favor your website over competitors if a user is searching for your services while being not far from you.

3.Google My Business gives more authority to your website and will help you rank better anyway.

There are many fake websites out there and Google is fighting with them.

Google uses several factors to consider your website more or less trustworthy. Google My Business is one of the most important.

This happens because the authorisation process for Google My Business requires to enter the code which you receive by postcard to your actual address.

So if you even have a small online shop based in your garage you better make the account and authorise it.