Improve sales of Luxury Watches and Jewelry Store (AdWords, Backlinks)

Watches of Mayfair store is located in the most prestigious part of London and provides customers with top watches and jewelry brands.

What was done:


The main customer issue was low sales and new customers rate. The initial request was to improve sales ASAP.

Previously made Google Marchant and AdWords campaigns didn’t bring desired results.

Initial check showed that Google Marchant doesn’t work proper for Luxury products while Google AdWords was not set up correctly.

Another issue discovered was that website is not well optimized for mobile devices and some adjustments are required.

Website mobile version was corrected for better UI/UX and new AdWords campaigns were made. 3 months later customer experienced proper growth of sales and new clients.

9 months later customer asked for the solution that will help to keep the rate of new sales without AdWords.

In order to achieve this some search engine optimization was introduced and backlinks building campaign started.

In two months customer was able to stop AdWords campaigns without significant drop and in 1 more month the rate of sales recovered compleately and continued growing.

As a part of backlinks building Pinterest account was made and developed. In 3 months Pinterest account brought daily up to 10000 viewers.