Whole software industry is growing constantly high in profit because users are incredibly lazy in learning how to use features of software they already have.

Developers of new programs are usually doing a simple trick. They take a certain feature of the software you already have. Concentrate on it. Make it much easier to use and sell it to you as a new program. That is why we have endless and growing amount of different calendar apps, task managing/ToDo apps, personal finances app.

In fact those who simply know how to use most of the features of Microsoft Word and Excel will save tones of moneys on new software purchases.

The big question is how to help those lazy users (I am one of them) to learn functionality of the software they already have.

Simple but wrong answer is to go to specialised courses.

Why is it wrong?

  1. I don’t have time for that. I need to find solution today.
  2. Why the hell to listen how to use all Excel functions if I don’t need them all. For example, I simply need to delete within seconds all duplicates from the list which I put there not to learn all macros stories.
  3. You will most likely forget most of the info you received during the courses. Not only the useless ones but useful well. This is the trick of our brain. Either you use it right away or you forget how to.

There are more reasons to name but lets stop here.

How to learn then?

The answer is stupidly simple and obvious.

Whenever you need to do something that you don’t know how or you are not sure your software is capable of – Google IT! or check help menu.

Yes, you will spend extra 5 or 15 minutes but this is the shortest way to get what you need.

After you find out the answer write it down by hand on a sticky note. This will increase chances that you will remember the solution and will not need to search it again. This is like with new words in foreign language – you need to write it to remember correct spelling and then pronounce it.

After that keep the sticky note somewhere on your table for a month or a week lets say. You will look at it unintentionally from time to time and your visual memory will catch it even better. Then throw it away.